Teaching and Community Engagement
Sample Syllabi

In my eight years of teaching, I have supported and engaged graduate, undergraduate, and college-preparing students, and have helped learners with different needs, backgrounds, abilities, and identities adjust to expectations for college and graduate level thinking and writing across disciplines. My teaching is rooted in critical pedagogy and instructional strategies that advance educational equity. 

I have taught undergraduate courses in Human Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, World History, and Writing, as well as college preparatory courses in U.S. History, English, World History, and American Government. I am currently developing a class for Columbia College Hollywood on the Anthropology of the U.S., which explores debates, struggles, and negotiations over how to define what America is and who is an American as they have played out in cultural terrains and contested spaces. I have independently and collaboratively developed online and community-driven curricula. In addition to teaching my own online classes, I assisted in transferring two popular undergraduate courses in the anthropology of race to an online format for Florida International University. While in Puget Sound, I worked as a core team member of Tend, Gather, and Grow, a community-based curriculum development project for Native and regional youth. 


My public engagement includes my time as co-editor of the Anthropology and Environment Society's ENGAGEMENT Blog, where I collaborated with social scientists working on environmental issues to connect their research to wider audiences. As a museum teacher at the Autry Museum of the American West, I taught the Museum’s educational outreach curricula by facilitating object-based lessons on Native California ethnobotany, westward expansion, racial diversity during the California Gold Rush, and the history and ongoing presence of the Tongva Nation in Los Angeles. 

SOC321: Anthropology of the U.S.

SOCS121: Sociocultural Anthropology

SOCS123: Introduction to Human Geography

SOC304: Introduction to Sociology

HUMA101/GH101: College Writing/Writer's Workshop

SOC202: History of World Civilizations

ENC1101: Writing and Rhetoric I

ENC1102: Writing and Rhetoric II