Ph.D.               Global and Sociocultural Studies, Florida International University, 2018


                       Dissertation: “Plant Pedagogies, Salmon Nation, and Fire: Settler Colonial Food Utopias and the                                   (Un)Making of Human-Land Relationships in Coast Salish Territories”

                       Committee: Gail Hollander (chair), Rod Neumann, Juliet Erazo, Laura Ogden, Whitney Baumann

                       Recipient of Alex Stepick Outstanding Dissertation Award


M.A.               Religion (American Religious History Track), Duke University, 2007


B.A.               Sociocultural Anthropology, University of California, San Diego, 2004

                      Degree Awarded with Honors and High Distinction in Sociocultural Anthropology


Additional Training

Learning, Knowledge, & Human Development Course Certificate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2021

Theory and Practice of Academic Advising, eTutorial Certificate of Completion, NACADA, 2020

Strategic Writing Initiative/Graduate Teaching Practicum in Interdisciplinary Writing, Florida International University, 2012-2015




Critical Food Studies/Geographies

Environmental and Global Anthropology

Applied Anthropology

Political Ecology

U.S. Anthropology

Indigenous Studies

Settler Colonial Studies

Decolonizing Theories and Methodologies in Social Science

Qualitative Research Methods in Social Science

Food Justice and Food Sovereignty


Critical Studies Instructor, AMDA College of the Performing Arts, 2019 – Present

Writing and Research Design Associate, Mount Saint Mary’s University, 2019 – Present

Social Anthropology Adjunct Faculty, Columbia College Hollywood, 2019 – Present



Faculty Development Committee Member, Columbia College Hollywood, 2021 - Present

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force Member, Columbia College Hollywood

         Campus Climate - Students Subcommittee, 2021 - Present

Student Learning Outcomes Standing Committee Member, AMDA College, 2019 - Present

Reviewer, Fourth World Journal, 2019

Co-editor, Anthropology & Environment Society Engagement Blog, 2013 - 2015

Vice President, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography Graduate Student Association, 2012 - 2013


TEACHING **Independently designed; *Adapted

Instructor, Columbia College Hollywood, Tarzana, CA, 2019 – Present

HUMA 101: Composition I: College English* (2 sections) (Online/synchronous)

SOC321:  Anthropology of the U.S.** (2 sections) (Online/synchronous)

SOC 123: Human Geography** (4 sections) (Online/synchronous)

SOC121: Social Anthropology** (2 sections) (Online/synchronous)


Instructor, AMDA College of the Performing Arts, Los Angeles, CA, 2019 – Present

SOC 304 Introduction to Sociology* (11 sections) (Online/synchronous and In-person)

SOC 202 World Civilizations* 


Supplemental Instructor, Mount Saint Mary’s University, 2019 – Present           

Professional and Academic Resource Center for the Weekend, Evening, & Online College and Graduate Division

Academic Writing

Research Design


Humanities Instructor, Futures Academy, Woodland Hills, CA, 2018 -  2019

English Language Arts

U.S. History

American Government


Digital Teaching Assistant, Florida International University, Miami, FL, 2016

ANT 4340 Cultures of the Caribbean

ANT 3451 Anthropology of Race


Instructor, Florida International University, Miami, FL, 2013 – 2015

ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology (Online)**

ENC 1101 Writing and Rhetoric I* (3 sections)

ENC 1102 Writing and Rhetoric II* (2 sections)


Teaching Assistant, Florida International University, Miami, FL, 2011 – 2015

SYP 3000 Sociology of the Individual in Society (2 sections)

ENC 1101 Writing and Rhetoric I

GEA 3635 Geography of the Middle East

SYA 3303 Research Methods in Social Science

ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology                 



Ryser, Rudolph, Yvonne Sherwood, and Janna Lafferty. “Fourth World Nations Under the Nuclear Cloud: Exposing Indigenous Nations to Radioactivity” Intercontinental Cry, April, 2016


Lafferty, Janna. “Troubling Place in Alternative Food Practices: Food Movements, Neoliberalism, and Place” in Place-Based Perspectives on Food in Society. Kevin Fitzpatrick and Don Willis (eds.). New York: Macmillan/Palgrave Publishers, 2015



Presenter, Virtual Panel, “Salmon People, Biotechnology, and the Politics of Refusal in Coast Salish Territories.” Biennial Meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, Cosponsored by the Society for Visual Anthropology, 2018


Presenter, Poster Session, “Salmon People in the Age of Biotech Food Production: Mare Nullius, Settler Colonialism, and GMO Salmon Politics in Coast Salish Territories.” Society of Economic Anthropology Annual Meeting: Water and Economy. Tempe, AZ, 2018


Presenter, “Articulating Coast Salish Food Sovereignty: Tribal Sovereignty and Alternative Food Geographies in the US Pacific Northwest” American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, 2016


Discussant, Immigrants in Miami Session, Second Annual SAGGSA Graduate Student Conference: Im/Mobilities & Dis/Connections, Miami, FL, 2013


Presenter, “Growing Movements to Revitalize Traditional Food Economies: Toward a Political Ecology of Diabetes.” Dimensions of Political Ecology, Conference on Nature/Society. Lexington, Kentucky, 2013



“Tribal Food Sovereignty in the U.S. Pacific Northwest” Community Alliance for Global Justice – Food Justice Meeting, Seattle,  June 2007.


“Center for World Indigenous Studies Nuclear Contamination and Radiation Exposure Research and Action Research Project: Introduction” 2015 Columbia River Restoration Workshop, Skamania, OR, December, 2015.



Research Assistant, University of California, San Francisco (via satellite) – research project examining the mentorship experience of junior faculty of color across the U.S., 2017-2018



Lead Volunteer, Food Justice Campaign in partnership with The Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project, Community Alliance for Global Justice, Seattle WA, 2016-2017


Curriculum Development Team Member, Tend, Gather, and Grow, Olympia, WA, 2016-2017

Educational toolkit on local ecology and Indigenous food sovereignty for tribal and regional youth in Washington State


Community Organizing Volunteer, Campaign to Ban Offshore Drilling in Florida, Oceania, Miami, FL, 2010-2011



Alex Stepick Outstanding Dissertation Award – FIU, 2019

Digital Assistantship – awarded full tuition and stipend for Fall and Spring, Global &

Sociocultural Studies Dept. and the African and African Diaspora program, 2016

Dissertation Evidence Acquisition Fellowship ($8,300) – FIU, 2016

Awarded full tuition and TA stipend - Global & Sociocultural Studies Dept. – FI, 2014

Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship ($3,865) – Social Science Research Council, funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, 2013

Strategic Writing Initiative Teaching Assistantship, English Department (3 years), 2012

Departmental Conference Travel Award ($550), Global & Sociocultural Studies Dept. – FIU, 2012

Awarded full tuition and TA stipend - Global & Sociocultural Studies Dept. (3 years) – FIU, 2011

Awarded tuition remission – Duke University (2 years), 2005

Recipient of the A. Irving Hallowell Award for Excellence in Sociocultural Anthropology ($200) – UC San Diego, 2004                         


Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles, CA, 2019-2021

  • “Time and Stress Management: Tips and Tools” (Online/synchronous)

  • “MLA Citation Style” (Online/synchronous)                                                                                  

  • “How to Apply to Graduate School” (Online/synchronous)                                                           

  • “Thriving Not Surviving: Tools for Returning Students”                                                                

  • “Understanding Writing Assignments: Summaries, Reviews, Critiques”                                       

  • “Approaching the Research Paper and Using APA Citation Style” (Online/synchronous and In-person)                                


American Anthropological Association, Since 2012

American Geography Association, Since 2016

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), Since 2020